Samy Gemayel is a Lebanese politician elected as Member of Parliament representing his North Metn constituency in June of 2009. Member of three Parliamentary committees- Human Rights, and Education, and Defense and Municipalities- he presented several draft laws related to local governance and decentralization, neutrality of Lebanon, women rights, free education, and anti-corruption.
  • Université Saint-Joseph 05 Masters, Constitutional Law
  • Université Saint-Joseph 03 BA, Law
  • Harvard University 08 Diploma Leadership
  • Harvard University 09 Diploma Negotiation
Work Info
  • Employer Lebanese Parliament
  • Position Member
  • Time Period June 2009 - Present
Favorite Quotations
“Subir pour subir, autant se battre et voir venir, autant resister et tenir, et en attendant, vivre pour quelques uns, pour la plupart, survivre”
Auteur: Andre Malraux
Oeuvre: La Voie Royale
His years of political activism began in 1999 where he was influential in establishing what was then known as the Kataeb Base– a platform of students galvanized around ending Syria’s occupation of Lebanon. In 2003, he joined the Kataeb’s Reform Movement that opposed the then pro-Syrian mainstream Kataeb. Samy Gemayel led several demonstrations and peaceful sit-ins during that period, often being beaten and arrested with several other pro-independence demonstrators. Shortly after the withdrawal of Syrian troops in April of 2005, Samy Gemayel co-founded with a number of political and independent activists, Alliance Loubnanouna (Our Lebanon), a workgroup advocating scholarly research and informed debate on a federal/decentralized alternative for Lebanon.Following the reunification of the Kataeb in 2005 and the tragic assassination of his elder brother, Pierre, in November of 2006, Samy Gemayel was entrusted in presiding over the Kataeb’s Youth and Student Council in 2007, during which he assisted in launching a reformist “restructuring initiative.” In 2008, he was appointed as coordinator of the Kataeb’s Central Committee, a post he retains to date. He figured on several panels at universities, schools, and various social clubs where he talked about the particular role of youth in political accountability, federalism and diversity, good governance, and political ethics. In addition, he has written several articles for bulletins and newspapers on topics pertinent to the perpetual crises of Lebanon, cultural pluralism, federalism and decentralization, collective memory and the foundations of genuine national reconciliation.